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How to Decide What Content to Produce?


Here’s a question…

How do you decide what content to produce?

I have a quick and simple answer for you…

Look at your data.

A few months ago, I was talking to a client about his content plan – he routinely gets hundreds of thousands of views on his videos. 

We popped over to his Youtube channel and we sorted the content by most popular. Then we saw that there were a whole range of videos for a few of his products that get abnormally high views.

So we used that data to influence the content he produced for the next month.

Looking at data is absolutely a great way to influence what content you create.

GaryVee also has a process that is very useful.

When he produces longer form videos, he asks his audience to comment in the boxes below what part of the video they like most.

His crew reviews the comments to identify which parts of the content they loved. His crew will then pull out that segment of the content and make it a standalone piece.

That is a great way to use your data to influence your content marketing framework.

From there, you can use that information paired with your Youtube channel data to decide what content to create.


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