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How to get 70% open rates?


One of the most important emails to send is your “welcome email”. 

It’s a tremendous opportunity because your customers are looking out for it!

They WANT to receive it. 

What are some of the best ways to take advantage of this attention? Let me show you:

  1. Whitelisting the email address – with email open rates dwindling over the last few years, it’s critical that your emails don’t get trapped by SPAM filters. So asking your customers to whitelist your sender address is a good idea. 
  2. Cross sell or upsell – the best offer ever I’ve ever seen is putting cash in a customer’s account. In our case, we had a supplement company and we put $30 in our customer’s account… to be used for anything in our catalogue.

How does this “cash in the account” offer work?

You say…

“Congratulations! Your product is on its way. And as an extra bonus, we’ve put $30 in your account to use on anything in our in catalogue.” 

What a red hot winner!

A third smart way to use welcome emails is to offer a surprise gift or a surprise bonus

And a fourth powerful way is to use this attention to shift paradigms. 

This is where the psychology of indoctrination comes into play. There are many ways to do that including articulating your company’s values. 

You can also define what you stand for and what you believe. 

It’s very powerful.

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