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How to Kick off Content Marketing Each Week or Month


Do you struggle to kick off your content marketing each week or month?

If so, you might find this tip useful. It’s what I use to create 150 or so content pieces per month. 

To produce your content each week or month, you need a trigger.

Without a trigger, it’s tough to come up with content ideas.

There are different ways to trigger content. 

Something that I like to use is my schedule from the previous week. I run through each meeting and identify the topic of the meeting. I use that topic and frame a lesson for my audience. 

Secondly, if you have a regular podcast, then your podcast material can kick off the repurposing framework that you have built out.

A third way is to do a poll on Facebook. Ask your audience to ask you some questions. Using those questions, you can create relevant content. That’s a very powerful way to go about it. 

A fourth way is you can use technology. Tools like SEM Rush, for example, have questions pre-built into them based on keywords. 

So, if you type in a keyword like “property investing”, the tool will come back with a bunch of questions that the audience asks in relation to that keyword. 

So the answer is…

Find the trigger that works best for you and let that kick off your content marketing schedule each week.


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