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How We Generated a 22:1 ROI with Content?


We have an ecommerce client that runs a lot of traffic from Facebook. He recently sent us a report of some of his results from our content. 

Turns out that he’s getting about a 22:1 return on investment. 

To put that into context, for every $1000 investment he’s getting back $22,000 in sales. 

Pretty amazing. 

But, precisely, how did we achieve that result? Here’s how:

First, he has a GREAT Facebook agency. And they’re awesome at creating segments of audiences most likely to buy from our client.

This is critical.  

Second, our content is highly relevant to these audiences. 

Third, remarketing. 

In this client’s case, since he has an ecommerce company, he’s created product packages relevant to his key audiences. 

Example: one of his markets are first home buyers. So we created a package appropriately called “The First Home Buyers Furniture Pack”. 

Nitfy title, huh?

No creative geniuses here… I’d be the first to admit. 

But we’re eternally pragmatic. Because I want first home buyers to see this pack in their Facebook Newsfeed and say “Hey, that’s for me!”

And then stop scrolling to see what it’s about.


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