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Hybrid Unique Selling Propositions


You may wonder what USPs are and why you need one.

A USP means unique selling proposition… and it’s what sets you and your company apart from everybody else. 

Example: FedEx’s famous USP, “When it absolutely, positively has to be there overnight.”

Or Domino’s, “30-minutes or it’s free.”

These are all single aspects that make them stand out from competitors. They usually focus on one aspect only.

Hybrid USPs are a little different. It’s a unique type of selling proposition that has more than one aspect. 

Let me explain with an example…

We were speaking to a client recently about his USP.

He didn’t think he needed one.

But he has four markets with four separate audiences.

So I said “you need a USP. And, probably, you need a USP for each audience.”

Next, I asked him about clients he serves and… and it turns out clients love him without about 90% rebuying.

Finally, I asked him if he had any celebrity clients. And he answered that he has tons of them.

This is the perfect recipe for a hybrid USP.

This client had a few things going for him like: 

  • a high number of clients served
  • high percentage of re-buying
  • celebrity clients.

So, in this case, he could use these elements as the foundation of a hybrid version of a USP. 

It may not be the best USP because we still aim for one per audience. And this spreads us a little thin because we aren’t focused on one focal point.

However, his metrics can support this hybrid version.

And having a hybrid USP is better than none at all.

In future emails, I will give you examples of hybrid USPs in action.


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