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If people don’t see a problem?


Do you have a solution to a problem that your audience isn’t even aware of?

It’s a tough spot to be in. You know that there’s an issue out there and you know that your product can solve it.

You just don’t know how to show your audience what’s so great about your product.

It’s a problem that internet marketer, Rich Schefren confronted many years ago. Rich is one of the earliest big names in internet marketing and he was super-active a few years back.

Rich used to write these huge reports. I’m talking 70, 80, or even 90 pages here.

And he’d use the first dozen pages of that report to talk about a problem that his audience didn’t even know they had. He’d dig into the issue, highlight all of the pain it causes, and show exactly why it was a problem.

Then, he’d spend the rest of the report expanding on the implications of the problem he’d identified.

You might think that he’d end the report with a pitch. But the man was much smarter than that.

Rich would wrap up the report with a matter of fact conclusion, without any CTA.

He’d wait for people to download the report before launching a product that solved the problem described in the report.

That’s when people flocked to that product.

Here’s the point:

Introduce a problem that has escaped your audience’s attention. You can do it with a report or maybe a book. I think that the book might be a better solution in some cases. It’s going to help you build authority and your brand in general.

Once people download and read the book, they’ll be aware of a whole new problem.

And they’re far more likely to buy the solution to that problem.


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