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Increase Sales with Media Mentions


It’s exciting to see your company mentioned in the media. But let’s face it: media mentions don’t always lead to sales. 

That’s why you should take a screenshot of the mastheads and put them on your homepage!

But don’t make the mistake almost everybody makes when they post the mastheads on their website. 

What’s that mistake? They bury them at the bottom of the home page. Or, worse yet, they don’t even use it on the home page and rather hide it 6 pages in!

Here’s the thing…

Lead with your best proof. And, so, if you have high quality media mentions get them ABOVE the fold on your home page. 

They should be the first thing that visitors see when they go to a homepage.

As a matter of fact, make it a header if you can!

Think of it this way… 

If a customer comes to you and they’ve never heard of your company, they start off with -100 points of credibility.

This happens when someone finds you on a Google search. 

That’s great for your traffic. But it tells the customer nothing about you.

But if those same customers jump onto your homepage and see all these mass media outlets?

All of a sudden, that -100 point goes to +100 points in a millisecond!

So, that’s one of the most important things you can do to take advantage of media mentions and get more sales.


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