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Know Your Market


Recently, a client reported that he had his highest revenue month in 7 months. 

So cool. I love hearing about client wins. 

And it got me thinking about his business. He helps people quit smoking cigarettes. Whenever I think of cigarettes, I always think about my late Mum. 

She was a lifelong smoker. 

So whenever I speak to this client, I always picture her in my mind and understand what she went through as a smoker.


I have a deep understanding of the smoker’s life and their pain and pleasure points. And that’s the lesson that I want you to take away…

Don’t think of your market in abstract terms. You’ve got to imagine an actual person that your business is looking to serve.

Ideally it’s somebody close in your life. That way you’re able to approach your audience with empathy and understanding. Instantly, that means your marketing and content will be more effective as a result.


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