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Nine Word Email Frequency


A little while back, I had a discussion with one of our clients. They’re in the business of helping people make money online. 

The topic – 9 Word Emails.

If you’ve been reading my emails to date, you know I am a big fan of 9 Word Emails. 

Our conversation revolved around the results of a recent 9 Word Email campaign that our client tried out. 

That single campaign netted 250 leads for the client. And now, they had a simple question…

When should we send our next 9 Word Email?

Justifiably, they wanted to send another one straight away! 

But I told them to hold their horses. You can’t overdo 9 Word Emails. If you do, you’ll end up burning your list. 

Which is why I suggest sending them about every 21 days. 

At Fubbi, we have 14 different 9 Word Emails that we rotate through. Each email has different wording and hits on a different hot button. 

Let’s say we send the first of those to our list on Day 0. 

On Day 21, we’re going to send the second of the 14 emails. 

The third goes out on Day 42, and so on.

That’s the optimal frequency based on what I’ve seen from tons of these campaigns I’ve been a part of. You want to send often enough so that your list remembers you, but not so often that the recipients start to resent you.


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