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Preventing Fatigue


In my last couple of emails, I’ve talked about how I maximise my energy and productivity each day.

Once the day starts, I’m usually working in sprints.

So, I try to work to 50-minute sprints and then take a 10-minute break.

But I don’t do that every single time. 

Like I have mentioned in my prior emails, I can be undisciplined too! 

Often meetings can tip me over and I can get behind schedule. I do try, though, to work to 50 minutes at a time and then take a break. And the break could be something like just walking away from the computer. 

Other times I might actually throw myself down on the couch and play some binaural beats. What I do differs on a case to case basis.

But I’m looking to prevent fatigue. I’m looking to get ahead of the curve.

That’s the purpose of the 50-minute sprints and then 10-minute breaks. I want to continually recharge as the day progresses so that I don’t get into fatigue.

If you want to know more about the benefits of sprints, then get your hands on this book – The Power of Full Engagement.

What a GREAT book.

Interested in writing a book?