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Progress Over Perfection


Over the years I’ve worked with hundreds of clients one-on-one. And tens of thousands, at least, if you consider speaking gigs, info products etc., 

And I’ve noticed one real truth about success. Something that separates the winners from everyone else. 

The people who achieve true success – and rake in millions of dollars – value progress over perfection.

It’s important so I will say it again – progress over perfection. 

For example… 

They know that their content doesn’t have to be absolutely perfect before they publish. They just get the content done, get it up to a good standard, and then get it out there.

In design, they’re not spending hours of their time contemplating colours and fonts.

In tech, there are gaps in the funnel but it’s working “good enough” for now. 

This liberates them to execute FAST.

Super fast. 

Which, in turn, lets them monitor results and use the feedback to steadily do better and better. 

I have seen this pattern hundreds of times in the winners. 

Contrast to the people I see who never achieve success. 

They’re almost always the perfectionists.

Example: they’re the people who won’t move forward with a content piece until it’s just right. And that means they’re going back and forth, making endless revisions and changing little things.

Or in a paid campaign they obsess over even the smallest detail… before the campaign shows even the slightest signs of life. 

So they take months… and months… and months to get any market feedback. 

And then, if the paid ad campaign fails they’ve been obsessing over something that didn’t matter to begin with!

They get stuck in the weeds and keep sweating the small stuff. As a result, their stuff never gets in front of people. Or it at least doesn’t get in front of enough people for it to matter!

Here’s my message for you…

Perfection is the enemy of progress.

And this extends to all aspects of your business. If you find it hard to get things off the ground, it may be time to look at your behaviour when it comes to progress and perfection.

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