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Quadruple Your Referrals


Let me tell you about a lawyer who operates a referral-only business.

When I first met him, I asked the same question that I ask every client…

Where do you get most of your leads from?

He said referrals, which is great. Next question…

What do you do to get referrals?

He told me he doesn’t do anything. He just provides quality work, which encourages clients to give him referrals.


Talk about opportunity! With the right strategy, he could get double and triple the number of clients.

Here’s what I told him to do…

Send out an offline newsletter. Yes, I said offline.

And in that offline newsletter, to include a referral gift, like a coupon or a gift card for their services. 

i.e. something that the client can give to a friend as a gift. 

If they do that (and get it right) they’re going to get so many more referrals.

Best of all, the cost’s going to be super low – paper, stamps, envelopes, and somebody to send the newsletter out!

It’s a couple of bucks per unit.

And in the case of this lawyer, where the average dollar sale is in the thousands, the ROI will be off the charts. 

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