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Sad Story


I have a sad story to tell you. 

It’s about a company that’s invested a lot in their content machine. They have millions of video views and over 171,000 fans on Facebook. 

And, still, they’re struggling for leads and bleeding money. 


Well, there’s a few reasons. 

But there’s one key mistake they’re making that I see companies make all the time. 

Before I tell you, a quick refresher…

As you may know, Content Hacking has three components:

  1. Great content
  2. Use of funnels
  3. Amplification (SEO, paid ads etc)

You can get good results with content marketing if you “just” create great content. It’s true. But you start to get GREAT results with content if you do all three together. 

1 + 1 + 1 = 5. 

Now back to the company in question. 

Yes, they have solid content. But the big mistake they’re making is they never, ever send people through to a funnel. 

This means they’re not building their email list. They’re not sending people to a sales page. In fact, they passively just wait and hope for people to find their products. 


Let me tell you something – you can have a massive following, but it’s just a vanity metric if you can’t monetise it.

You need to build at least one good funnel to leverage the following that you have and boost your ROI.

This isn’t to say that there’s no value in having a large following. It can be critical to success.

However, to make that audience worth your effort, you need to have a funnel that will convert them into paying clients.


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