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Should You Run Ads?


The short answer is – absolutely!

You can have the best content plan filled with high-value stuff… and still fail to gain traction if you don’t have paid ads.

I have a colleague and friend who knows this very well.

Despite having a huge audience of millions of people, he still has a big ad budget. He has a ton of YouTube subscribers, a huge mailing list, and millions of people on social.

But he understands that this isn’t enough.


There are two reasons.

First of all, organic traffic on social sucks. If you have 1000 followers, you can expect about 1% of them to see your content. That means the other 990 people that you worked so hard to attract won’t even see your stuff.

This is why you should never rely on organic traffic alone when it comes to social.

The second reason is retargeting.

Ads allow you to create micro-communities out of your audiences. You can select those who interact with you the most and advertise to them.

This can work wonders for conversions.


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