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The 3 Down Rule


Today I am going to tell you about “The 3 Down Rule”. 

We have a client who targets high-ranking executives – CEOs, Presidents and the like.  

Right now, his outreach is entirely tailored towards them.

And that’s all that he thinks he needs to do. 

But he’s wrong. 


Well, think about it… 

CEOs and Presidents have lots of direct reports that influence their decisions. 

People like CFOs, CMOs and COOs. 

Then people below them, such as Heads of Marketing, Marketing Assistants etc.,. 

And so on. 

Which is why, he should also be targeting three levels down on the organisational chart. If the content is spot on, then these people will champion his product to his target market. 

i.e. the CEOs and Presidents. 

And I told him as much. 


The point is, you can produce lots of content across platforms. 

But what you want are people in your prospective client’s company talking about you.

Think of how great it could be if the CMO nudges the CEO towards you.

That’s power. 

And you can create it with The 3 Down Rule.


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