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The Anthony Robbins Framework


A book is one of the best lead generators and authority builders that you can create.

If you’re in the white-collar services, such as coaching, consulting, or pretty much any type of service business, a book is really powerful.

But here’s the thing.

There’s a ton of different ways to write a book. But for us, the best way to do it is to use the Anthony Robbins framework.

I first saw this in his book, Awaken the Giant. And whether you love or hate the guy, you can’t deny that this is an effective framework.

Tony opens up almost every single one of his chapters with a story. Sometimes it’s a story about his own experiences and sometimes it’s a third-party story. 

Either way, it’s a story that conveys emotion and gets the reader invested. Only after sharing the story does he dig into the tips or the frameworks that he wants to talk about.

We recommend using that exact same framework to all of our book clients.


Stories engage people and pull them into the manuscript. 

That’s why we show our clients this framework and ask them about any case studies that they can provide. We then use those case studies to build out the chapters of their books.

Here’s the brilliant thing about this framework…

You’re covertly selling yourself and your business to the reader. You’re using your story to show them how awesome you are without having to actually tell them overtly.

You’re constantly sharing results, which tells your readers that you’re great at what you do.

Ultimately, that’s going to lead to your book becoming an effective lead generation tool.

Interested in writing a book?