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The Content In Between


In my last email, I talked to you about 9 Word Emails.

Specifically, I said that the ideal frequency is to send them to your list every 21 days or so. And you want to have a few 9 Word Emails to rotate through because sending the same email over and over isn’t optimal.

However, this frequency pre-assumes something.

I’m assuming you’re not lead scoring or segmenting a whole lot. And I’m assuming you’re sending valuable content to your list in between those 21 days.

That’s key to making the 9 Word Email technique work.

If you’re just pounding your list with 9 Word Emails, you’re basically pitching to them constantly. That means they’re not getting anything of value from you.

And so…

They’re probably going to start ignoring your emails.

And sooner or later, they’re going to unsubscribe from your list.

The content that you send between the 9 Word Emails sets the context. 

An example… 

Let’s say you have a pair of scissors and you snip an apple off a tree. That apple’s going to fall to the ground. 

Gravity is the reason for that. 

Gravity is the the context that makes the apple fall to the ground.

Just like gravity, the content you send between your 9 Word Emails creates the context – and builds the trust – that make 9 Word Emails a win.


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