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The First Mover Advantage


You have such a huge opportunity on your hands… if you’re fortunate enough to be the first mover in an industry.

I have a client who’s in exactly that position.

They’re in the CBD space. And as we all know, the CBD market is undergoing a huge growth spurt.

As more governments get behind legalisation, we’re going to see a lot more competitors enter the space.

But my client has gotten into the game early. He offers accounting services tailored to this ONE market. 

If he moves quickly enough, he has the chance to become the dominant force in his niche.

But to do that, he needs to get his voice heard. 

We’re going to help him get there by working with him on a book.

Now, a book’s a great way to establish your authority. All of the greats, from Tony Robbins through to Dale Carnegie, have bestselling books.

Right now, there’s a gap in our client’s market that he can fill with a book of his own.

If you’re a first mover in a niche, you also have the chance to establish yourself as an authority before anybody else.

A book may be the best way to do it.

Interested in writing a book?