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The Four Things


I had the chance to catch up with a couple of clients after spending six weeks travelling overseas.

They’ve been with us for about a year now and I wanted to find out about their numbers.

I was absolutely overjoyed to hear they had their best month… and were on target to bring $180,000 cash. 

That astounded me because they weren’t doing those kinds of numbers when I left. So, I started digging to find out what they’d done differently and I came up with four things.

#1 – They Get Super Aggressive With Execution

When my clients get an idea, there’s no lag between having the idea and executing it. They’re super aggressive about taking action and executing. 

They’re willing to try new things and they’re willing to fail. That means they’re moving forward at a really fast pace.

#2 – They Value Lead Generation

They’re constantly trying new things with their lead gen funnel.

All of those little tweaks make the funnel more efficient, which means they’re constantly growing the number of leads they generate.

#3 – They Have a Content Marketing Strategy

We’ve been taking care of this client’s email and much of their Facebook content from day one.

That means their message keeps getting out there and people know who they are.

#4 – They Get Paid Upfront

My clients work in an industry where most people usually get paid several months down the line… after providing a service.

But my clients decided to buck that trend.

Their content marketing, media buying – and quality they bring to the table means they can ask for money upfront.

Yep, upfront. And that’s transformed their cashflow. 

So, here’s my question.

Which of these four things could you implement in your business today?

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