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The Most Effective Content Idea That Almost No One Uses


Here’s a ridiculously simple (and effective!) content idea that almost nobody is using. 

What’s the idea?

User generated content.

Let me show you what I mean…

I was in a meeting with a company the other day. They are the biggest supplier of a certain cosmetic product to China. This company is quite large and has a range of products that their customers love.

We were building the elements of a content marketing plan. I was explaining to them that they have their audience and customers. They produce their own content on how to use their products.

This company has an audience – a customer base that loves their product. This means that most of their work is done.

Why is this?

Because getting customers to love your product is usually the hard part of the job. So, if you have customers that love your product, you have a huge opportunity.

The user generated content part of this is that it is very rare that companies use their customers to create your content for them. Yet it is amazingly effective and so obvious.

How do you get your customers to give you a testimonial or review?

It could be anything from donating a dollar of each sale to charity. You could kick off a competition.

It can be a range of different things. You can get creative with this.

But here’s the lesson. If your customers don’t love your product, you will struggle to get them to generate their own content.


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