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The ONE THING More Important Than Great Content…


Great content is… well, great.

But have you considered that something else might be EVEN MORE important?

I’ll tell you…


Great content that does not get published is pointless content…

And I see this happen all the time. 

Let me tell you about a client…

His email database is about 40,000 emails strong. He also has a seven figure per year ad budget. For the longest time, he’s been trying to produce a content marketing framework and never pulled it off.

So we came along and started to do some things for him. Truth be told, the first cycle of content was good… but not great.

I was plainly honest with the client, and said:

“Look, honestly, execution is better than perfection. Perfection comes over time through writing and noticing feedback. Our team will start to really get into the flow in the next 4-8 weeks”.

He understood… because… previously there was no content being published. 

Good content that’s executed is far better than great content that’s never published. 


But of course, the ultimate is having great content routinely published and generating leads (which is now happening with this client). 

Unfortunately, I bump into far too many companies that are plagued with “perfectionism”. And so, they become so obsessed on the minutiae of…

…  the correct font size…

… or the best time of day to email…

… and maximising their open rates (so therefore, emailing much less than they could). 

Meanwhile the clients that are ruthless about execution just keep raking in the millions. 

Bottom line: execution is more important than perfection.


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