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The One’s Influence


I touched on the concept of The One in my last email. As you recall, I relayed a conversation I had with my successful cousin. Here is what he said to me…

“… There was one guy that used to work for me that really, really impressed me. I gave him little to no training. I think he may have even had a criminal record. But boy oh boy – he could run a team and projects like nobody else. And whenever I put a poor crew with him, they’d improve. If I gave him a great crew, they’d do even better.”

Why do you need The One?

It’s because you can put The One in charge of teams that may be great or maybe even not so great. But The One will have a bigger influence on the output than each individual person on the team.

That’s leverage in all its glory!

So take my company, Fubbi. 

For the most part, I don’t have much to do with daily operations. Sure, I have team meetings and I check in with our clients personally. But that’s about it – the rest of my time is focused on other things like marketing. 

That’s because I have been lucky to find a few people you could classify as The One. These are such powerful leaders that:

  1. The team members around them raise their standards automatically.
  2. Team members that can’t keep up tend to let themselves go.

In other words, The One inspires other team members to raise their standards when they’re working with them. Those who can’t rise to that higher standard level, more often than not, release themselves.

The One is rare. 

But when you find someone that fits the bill, secure them with both hands… and do what you can to keep em!

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