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The Two Audience Segments


One of our clients sells a really big-ticket item.

He designs putt-putt golf courses and his average dollar sale is about $800,000, which is insane!

The other day, we started batting ideas around about what he could do to get more sales. I came up with the idea of writing a book that he could give to various golf courses around the state.

That book would highlight the amazing value that putt-putt golf brings. But the book would do it in ways that would fascinate decision makers. 

The best bit?

It will cost a few grand to get the book printed and send it on a test run to 20 or 30 golf courses. 

If just one of those golf courses buys, that’s a huge ROI. 


Here’s the point I want to make with this story…

When you’re selling a big-ticket item, you’re going to have an audience that’s broken up into two segments.

You’re going to have the people who know that they want what you have to offer. For them, it’s a case of getting them to choose YOUR offer.

But the second segment is the people who don’t even know that they want what you have to offer.

In the case of my client, most golf courses don’t know that they want a putt-putt golf course yet.

But after reading the book, they’ll see the value.

That’s where a book can be a prime asset to have in your marketing arsenal.

Interested in writing a book?