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Top Content Frameworks for Publicity


How do you entice your audience to read your content?

Take a look at a few winning angles…

  1. Top 5 Tips/ Top 5 Myths

The media loves tips, and I’m sure you do too!

What’s not to love?

They’re bite-sized, digestible information nuggets that give value to the audience.

On the other side of the coin, you can also have top myths or things you didn’t know. It uses the same framework and adds value in digestible pieces.

  1. Thought Leadership

Also, you can centre content around an opinion framework.

Really think about your industry and your opinion on something related to it…

Does it need to be controversial?

Not necessarily. 

But a little controversy isn’t a bad thing for media… just as long as you’re strategic about it.

  1. Awareness Days

There’s an awareness day, week, or month for just about everything all year long. Some days are very recognisable, like Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

But did you know that the 18th of November is World Toilet Day?

If you’re a plumber, that’s your golden angle.

  1. Stories

As humans, we’re very emotional creatures. And we’re also very voyeuristic.

Choose the human angle over numbers and exponential growth story. It’s a better read and engages the audience.


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