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Triggering a Lightbulb


A while ago, I was in Cyprus with my wife. My brother was also there for his birthday. 

My wife and I had no idea what to get him for his birthday. So she jumped on his Facebook and went through his photos to see what style of clothes he favours. 

Now, this might sound really obvious.

But it never crossed my mind to open Facebook and look for ideas about what to buy for someone.

For me, this was a lightbulb moment. And as silly as it may sound, I actually learned something useful.

People only care about what’s of interest to them. 

Get that?

So, with my wife checking out his Facebook account, she was drilling into identifying what he wants. 

It got me thinking about content.

Sure you have to craft content that people want to know about. That content also has to:

  1. Trigger a light bulb
  2. Be quick and easy

For all the content that you’re producing, you’ve got to make sure it has these three attributes. I mean every podcast, email, Instagram post, etc. without exception.

I’m going to dive deeper into what this looks like in practice in the next email.

But until then, you might want to check your content to see if it meets these criteria.


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