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Tweaking Your Funnel


I brought up self-liquidated funnels in my last email. These are funnels that give back all of the money that you invest in ads right away. 

Right now, we have such a funnel for my book, Content Hacking. 

And let me tell you.

It works like a charm!

I spend $7,000-8,000 on ads and I get all of that back almost instantly. As you may know, we’re working towards a spend of $100,000 per month. 

So you might have been hearing about the evolution of that funnel and thinking “I want that!”. 

Yep, I am sure you do lol. 

But here is reality… please listen up as I don’t want to create a false impression. 

As fun as it is right now, it took quite a bit of work to get there. I probably had to test 14 different things to get to this point.

Six variants of the sales page; we price-tested, the upsell page we tinkered – a whole lot of experimenting.

And if you want a self-liquidated funnel, you’ll have to do the same.

I mention this because it’s HARD. 

Really hard. 

Even the slightest changes can make or break your funnel. That’s why you have to keep tweaking and refining everything if you want to get it right.

You’ll have to ‘burn’ some money in the process. But you’ll get valuable data in return that you can use to perfect your funnel and get it self-liquidated.

When you reach that point, there’s no limit to how much you can grow. 

That’s for sure!

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