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What platforms should you post on


People always ask me what platforms they should post on.

Now, you have guys like Gary V, who say you should post on everything. Be ubiquitous and you’ll reach the largest possible audience.

However, that’s not practical for most businesses.

The simple truth is this…

Not every social platform offers you equal opportunity. There are some that will work better for your niche than others.

So, let’s say that you’re posting to a couple of platforms right now. You need to decide which of those platforms will become your priority.

I have a few ways for you to do that.

First, figure out where your market is. For B2B companies, the market may be on LinkedIn. If you’re selling consumer products, you’re probably looking at Facebook and Instagram.

Second, you have to think about how late you are to the market.

Take my company for example.

We specialise in content marketing. But there’s absolutely no point in me telling my team that I want to rank on the top of Google for general content marketing terms.

It ain’t gonna happen.

There are guys like Gary V and Neil Patel who’ve been in the space for much longer. I’m never going to push them off the top spots.

So, I look for alternatives. And in our case, that’s LinkedIn. We’re absolutely dominating on that platform because we got in early.

We get between 15-20 leads per week just from ONE account.

And that brings me to my third point…

Is there a platform that you can be the early bird on?

If so, you may want to pounce on that.

Right now, I’m sharing video content on TikTok. I have one video that’s achieved 600,000 views alone on that platform.

I reckon that’s because I got in early. Now, I have the chance to establish myself on that platform and really build a base on it.

Trying to be everywhere at once isn’t practical for most companies. Use what I’ve shared here to select the best platforms for you.

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