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What Real Salespeople Do


Here’s what real salespeople do that other salespeople don’t.

They think in averages.

Now, a lot of salespeople get fixated on individual calls. They look at their hit rates for one, two, or five calls and get depressed if they don’t make a sale. 

Real salespeople look at their calls in bigger batches – dozens, at least. When I was selling door to door, we look at batches of hundreds!

That’s because great salespeople they know their average conversion rates and their average dollar sale. To them, a single sales call doesn’t matter.

But blocks of them do.

They know that the next call might go well, even if the one before went bad.

And that means they avoid call reluctance that hits so many salespeople. They’re not letting what happened in the last call affect what they do in the next one.

They know that they’re going to hit their averages over the large batch.

So, here’s my advice if you’re struggling with your sales calls…

Start thinking in terms of averages.

Don’t focus on the one call that went well. And don’t focus on the one call that sucked. 

Focus on the average numbers you hit for the entire day’s worth of calls.

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