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What to Do If You Don’t Want to Compete on Price


Here’s a question…

How do you avoid competing on price?

I am glad to say that the answer is relatively simple and that is…

… you need to reset your client’s buying criteria.

This is a lesson that, believe it or not, I relearned once again just last week.

Let me explain…

We won a new client who was looking at another agency to help with their content.

And the client was saying: “Look, I prefer to go with you because what you would do for us that I love is that you don’t really need to speak to me. You don’t really need to interview me. You don’t have to come out to see me. You build a system that makes it extremely convenient for me.”

And right there, in the client’s words was the lesson. Through our business model, we have implicitly reset the client’s buying criteria.

Now granted, she wants great content, but she also wants to save a lot of time.

And so that’s the key: reset the client’s buying criteria and add in a whole lot of convenience.

What you are offering your clients is a high-quality product or service. Your price needs to reflect that. You stand the risk of many issues if a client sees you as cheap or desperate.

Showing your client why you are worth the money is one of the best ways that you can stop yourself from competing on price. Show them how you can save them lots of time, or you can add convenience.

All of these things allow you to stop competing on price.


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