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Why people don’t buy


At a closed-door mastermind group recently, I addressed a roomful of business owners. At some point, one of them pulled me aside and said he really needed my help.

Here’s the thing…

He had a transformative message and product. He could really change people’s lives… if only his message could get through to them.

Even as he was explaining, the problem became clear to me.

What was the problem?

He was selling the prevention to a problem. In this guy’s case, he had a way for people and companies to avoid getting hacked. 

But he was struggling. 

Why? People don’t buy prevention. We buy cures. We buy solutions to problems we’re experiencing right now.

Think of it this way:

Who buys joint pain products?

Young people who are afraid they might have joint pain in the future?


Only those who are experiencing joint pain will buy.

Here’s my message to you:

Appeal to people who are experiencing a problem NOW. Otherwise, they’ll see no reason to buy. 


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