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Worst Email Marketing Advice Ever


I was on a call with a client recently. And some other “expert” gave him advice about email marketing that almost knocked me off my chair!

Let me explain.

This client has different segments of customers in different industries. As a B2B business, he works with and sends emails to all sorts of companies.

The email expert advised the client to gather all those segments and merge them together. He told him to create one email list and only broadcast to it.

This is completely ridiculous.

Why? It’s just so obvious that it boggles the mind – each person has different problems. They have different desires. 

Different worries. 

Speaking to his entire list as ONE group is crazy! And it’s quite possibly the costliest email mistake we can make as marketers. 

Unfortunately, our client didn’t know any better and aggregated everything. Obviously, he lost the segmentation that he put a lot of effort into.

Given a sale equates to hundreds of thousands of dollars, it’s safe to say this mistake cost him millions in revenue. 


Double ouch!

And what the heck  – triple ouch!


You need to have segments based on a range of factors. Age, income, industry, business size, and more can help to distinguish who you’re talking to.

Your goal is to make sure that the recipient feels like the email is specifically for them rather than something generic that you’re sending to everyone.

If there’s one thing that you should never do, it’s lumping all your segments together.


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