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Zuck’s productivity secret


In my last email I talked about batching… and why it’s so important for being productive. 

Well, today, I’m going to talk about probably one of the most productive humans alive today. 

Mark Zuckerberg. 

In an interview with Reid Hoffman (Founder of LinkedIn), Zuck mentioned that he’s always asking himself one question… 

“Am I working on the most important thing right now?”

That’s a great question to ask and I ask myself that all the time. 

But the answer depends on what level you operate!

What I mean by that is Mark’s Zuckerberg’s answer is almost certainly going to be different than you or I. 

Facebook is very much on the cutting edge of tech… advertising… privacy… media and so on. 

So in Zuck’s case, what’s most important is almost certainly going to include lots of meetings that you or I don’t need. 

Such as meeting with Senators and Congressman. Copious legal meetings, I’d say. PR launches. Mergers and acquisitions. 

Depending on where you’re at with your business, your “most important” could be getting new clients. 

Or as you start to hit deeper seven figures and into 8 figures, you’re almost certainly thinking about culture and recruitment more and more. 

Nonetheless, having all the answers isn’t really what’s needed in business (or life). 

It’s knowing the questions to ask! 

And asking the question, “Am I working on the most important thing right now?” is a great question.

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